Light-Hearted (in red), 24"

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Most of our jewelry is hand-made by individual artists, but occasionally a fellow believer in the value of all creatures donates all or part of his or her collection.  I have received just such a collection of light-hearted and fun, vintage and retro, costume and better.  Over the next few weeks I'll be going through, repairing, cleaning, and listing so that these pieces that have brought so much joy, can repeat that process timelessly.

I have named this necklace "light-hearted" and one look at the fanciful candy cane beads explains why.  The beads appear to be resin, held together by "slightly" gold bars, and measuring 24" in length.  There is also a barrel clasp, so you have the option of doubling the necklace (as in the first photo) and opening or closing with the clasp, or just sliding it over your head.  This necklace is also available in blue.  Wear them both for extra fun!

**SPECIAL NOTE:  Buy them both for $20.00.  I will have to refund the extra $$$ to you after purchase since I can't for the life of me figure out a way to automatically apply this discount.