Blue Skies Ahead, 16"

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A hand cut and polished milky quartz (with inclusions) cabochon measuring approximately 1 3/4" in width and 1 1/4" from to to bottom, is wrapped in pure copper which is untreated and will gradually patina naturally over time.  Interwoven are graduating colors of Delica seed beads, beginning with silver-lined crystal beads, then through four gradations of blue, ending with a deep "almost night" blue.  Attached to the bail are three Swarovski crystal pearls, two of soft blue and one ivory.  Also included is a 16 inch faux suede necklace, with a two inch extender.  The floating "clouds in the milky quartz are naturally occurring, and are likely due to a small infusion of iron oxide when the stone was forming from the earth.    This is my "optimism" creation, speaking to growing compassion and empathy.

**Thanks to Tela Formosa for inspiration for part of this design**

Please click on the photo for a larger (and clearer) photo showing the intricacies of this setting.

Hand made, donated by the artist.