Celtic Knots Bracelet (Argentium Silver)

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Sleek, stylish, and shiny--silver at its finest!  First, a word (or three) about argentium silver.  Sterling silver is 92.5% silver, but since silver is very soft, the other 7.5% is primarily copper.  The copper "yellows" the product a bit, and causes most of the tarnish that we silver lovers must deal with.  Perhaps eight years ago, a new formulation was made where most of the copper was replaced with germanium--a tougher metal than copper, that doesn't tarnish.  The result is argentium silver, which is closer in color to fine silver than is sterling, is 93.5% silver, and tarnishes very little.  In other words, superior to sterling.

This bracelet measures approximately eight inches, but can be worn (easily) with a 6.5" wrist, since it is constructed of heavy 16 gauge argentium, and only "flexes" around the jump rings.  As a result, it will not slip off, but can be removed either by opening the clasp or maneuvering it intentionally over the wrist.   

Hand made, and donated by the artist.