Cleopatra's Favorites, 2.5" (hand woven, coiled and antiqued copper)

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Well, maybe if they were made with gold--but if Cleopatra didn't want to break the bank she certainly would have been pleased with the intricate hand-created metal work that was the hallmark of the jewelry of her day.  The body of the earrings is made from a tightly coiled foot or so of very thin-gauged copper, the coil reinforced with a strong piece of copper through its middle, then attached to a strong 16-gauge piece of copper then wrapped around it.  After the wrapping, yet another piece of copper wire is carefully wound between the tiny spaces in between the coils.  Finally the remaining 16 gauge wire is carefully wound to create a cap and an attachment for the 8 mm lava stone (with antique copper cap) and the black coated ear wires.  Intricate?  Yes.  Reminiscent of bygone eras of intricate metal worked jewelry?  Yes.  Expensive?  No.

Hand made and donated by the artist.