From the Silver Screen, 16" (agate and more agate)

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Styles of jewelry come and go, but certain ones stay with us for decades.  Which actress of the silver screen didn't have at least one three-layered (usually pearls) accent piece (and hoop earrings)?  This design is timeless and still represents the height of impeccable taste.  I've updated the design substituting agates for pearls; 27 12 mm agates finished to a high polish, and 138 six mm frosted agates.  Even the clasp is a lovely, beautifully finished, cabochon of black agate.  Connecting rings are silver coated copper (for durability and strength) and crimp beads and covers are (of course) sterling silver.  This necklace will always be appropriate and definitive of your style and grace.

Hand made and donated by the artist.