Polka Dot Agate, 1.75" long (16" sterling silver chain & 18" black silicone cord included)

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Polka Dot Agate--another stone that often mixes jasper and agate, as does this one.  Jasper and agate are actually the same chemical composition, but their method of formation differs.  What you can't see is that the (sort of) horizontal darker band contains a strip of hematite, and thus sparkles and reflects when hit by light.  Like all my pendants, with the exception of tumbling to bring out the shine and shape the stone, these are unaltered by human dyes or mixes, but exactly the way Mother Nature created them.

This pendant comes with both an 18" silicone cord and a 16" 1 mm sterling silver snake chain.  

Like more than one stone, but don't need two silicone cords and two sterling silver chains?  Buy a second pendant for $12 (without the additional cord and chain).  NOTE:  I am unable to configure adding a second for $12, so the purchase will be for two (or more) at $26 each and I will refund the additional $14 within 24 hours of your purchase.  Trust me, I will!  **Please include a note with your purchase indicating whether you want a set of chains for each stone, or wish a $14 refund.

Hand tumbled stone donated by the artist.