Jasper + Agate, 1.5+" long (16" sterling silver chain & 18" black silicone cord included)

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This gemstone combines (naturally) agate and jasper with stunning effect.  Swirling reds, whites, clear and a bit of black combine in an artist's palette of color and interest.  There are no dyes in this stone, and no man-made "improvements" on the perfection of Mother Nature, other than tumbling to bring out the shine.

This pendant comes with both an 18" silicone cord and a 16" 1 mm sterling silver snake chain.  

Like more than one stone, but don't need two silicone cords and two sterling silver chains?  Buy a second pendant for $12 (without the additional cord and chain).  NOTE:  I am unable to configure adding a second for $12, so the purchase will be for two (or more) at $26 each and I will refund the additional $14 within 24 hours of your purchase.  Trust me, I will!  **Please include a note with your purchase indicating whether you want a set of chains for each stone, or wish a $14 refund.

Hand tumbled stone donated by the artist.