Nearly three-inch Dogtooth Amethyst natural crystal point-magnet

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The symbol of grace and beauty, this is a nearly three-inch Dogtooth Amethyst crystal point.  Rather than being laser-cut (as are most "crystals,") this is a natural point formed by Mother Nature.  The crystal is secured to a neodymium magnet, far more powerful than your ordinary household magnet (or refrigerator magnet).  To prevent slippage due to the stone's weight, a vinyl disc has been added to the back of the magnet to create friction between the metal surface and the magnet itself.  This magnet is more than powerful enough to hold multiple photographs, cards, papers, etc. between the rock and the target surface.

This gemstone was tumble-polished and prepped by the artist.  There are no dyes or human intervention (other than smoothing and polishing) to "enhance" this gemstone.  WARNING:  do not use this magnet to secure magnetic media, such as credit cards; care must also be taken not to place them where they will be in proximity to pacemakers or other implanted medical devices.