Uncommon common Opal, 1.25" long (16" sterling silver chain & 18" black silicone cord included)

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Opal is formed when water is trapped inside chalcedony, quartz, or other quartz material.  When the cells line up in a certain fashion, precious opal is formed.  When they line up in a different fashion, there is no "flash," but to my mind an equally beautiful and often more intricate gemstone is formed.  This is one such example--most likely opalized petrified wood, with areas of translucency, browns and off white in a complicated mix.  Like all my pendants, other than tumbling to bring out the shine and to shape the stone, this stone is just as created by Mother Nature, with no dyes or other human alterations.

This pendant comes with both an 18" silicone cord and a 16" 1 mm sterling silver snake chain.  

Like more than one stone, but don't need two silicone cords and two sterling silver chains?  Buy a second pendant for $12 (without the additional cord and chain).  NOTE:  I am unable to configure adding a second for $12, so the purchase will be for two (or more) at $26 each and I will refund the additional $14 within 24 hours of your purchase.  Trust me, I will!  **Please include a note with your purchase indicating whether you want a set of chains for each stone, or wish a $14 refund.

Hand tumbled stone donated by the artist.