Create a Tradition . . .(Crystal)

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  • When I was young, we celebrated Christmas with my grandparents, and cousins, aunts and uncles came and went throughout the day.  Christmas Eve, each grandchild was given a special ornament that was his or hers alone to hang on the Christmas tree.  Each went home with us, to return the following year to hang on the tree--it was a wonderful ritual, together with laughter, chocolate chip cookies and being allowed in the room that was generally "off limits" for the youngest of us.  Create your own tradition with these lovely charms that will last for years--the ribbon, if damaged, is easily replaceable.    Constructed of a variety of textures and sizes of crystalline beads, the beaded portion of this piece measures five inches, each side of the black satin hanging ribbon measures ten inches.  **Those with a crystal attached are $18, without a crystal, $15; both types are beautiful!

Hand made and donated by the artist.