Trapeze Artists, 3" (Argentium silver, Greek silver-coated daggers, Toho silver-lined beads)

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These earrings are anything but shy!  From head to toe, they are constructed of sterling silver ear wires, argentium silver frames, silver lined Toho beads, and the coup de gras of Greek-made spikes coated in silver (lead free).  The spikes are hollow, making the earrings light-weight; fluidity is their sparkle, as they will move and flash silver with your every move.  These are "special occasion" earrings, when you're feeling carefree with a touch of drama.  **Argentium silver is 93.5% silver (sterling is 92.5% silver) and thus a whiter metal, purer than sterling, and best of all, tarnish resistant, which is music to a silver lover's ears!

Hand made and donated by the artist.