Larvikite & lava stone, 8+" (stretch bracelet)

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Larvikite is a stone  that isn't real common, and when available it is often poor quality.  So when I had the opportunity to purchase some of good quality, I jumped at it.  Often called "Norwegian Moonstone," it is (of course) found primarily in Norway.  The magical silver/blue sheen comes from the presence of feldspar crystals, creating the same sheen that one sees in high quality moonstone.  In addition, I have added beads of lava stone (the creation of volcanoes long ago) and spacers of both composite metal (lead-free) and silver coated brass.  This is a bracelet of substance, with 10 mm beads measuring a bit over eight inches, and strung on doubled stretch cord.  I've added a close up to try to capture the elusive blue/silver flash.  I hope you enjoy this stone as much as I do.

Hand made and donated by the artist.