Don't Be Shy (turquoise and sterling silver)

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If you love the mottled sky blues, forest greens and browns of the earth of natural turquoise, don't be shy about it!  These earrings will share your love with the world.  From the bottom up:  First, the bottom of a 24 gauge sterling silver wire was heated to form a ball, followed by a patterned oval of 100% turquoise, followed by a 4 mm circle of sterling, followed by a rondelle (again of turquoise--the green variety, followed by a 3mm corrugated sterling silver ball, then attached to sterling silver ear wires. The ear wires have their own 2mm ball of sterling silver.  From the bottom of the earring to the bottom of the ear wire, these earrings measure about 1 3/8".  The large piece of turquoise measures a little less than an inch in length and about 3/8ths inch wide at its widest point.  Fortunately, turquoise is not a heavy stone, so these earrings are comfortable to wear.

Hand made and donated by the artist.