Fossilized Dinosaur Bone (Silicone Cord & gold-filled Wire)

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For the person that is drawn to the beauty of the unusual, this hand-cut and formed cabochon is fossilized dinosaur bone, measuring approximately two inches.  It hangs from a black silicone cord measuring 18" in length, completed  with a hand-forged gold-filled wire clasp.  Over three feet of gold-filled wire constructs this piece, ranging from 20 gauge to 16 gauge in thickness.  Gold-filled contains approximately 100 times more gold than gold-plated, and will not "rub off" in ordinary wear for more than a life time.  It is much like a gold tube filled with a lead-free base.  This piece is truly one of a kind and is the ideal gift for a man or woman who thought they had everything!  NOTE:  If you look carefully at the first photo, you can see the actual filled cells of what was once the dinosaur bone.

Hand made and donated by the artist.