Grandmother's Attic, 2"

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Vintage items--where they have been, who has held them, what their reason for being was, all of these questions and more come to mind when I hold them, touch them, look at them.  I found these lavender and green "Ls" at one of those stores where you love everything but have no idea what you would do with it.  I bought the "Ls" anyway, and after a few years figured out a way to create secure dangling earrings with African trade bead spacers, as well as Vintaj antiqued brass wire, and two (one 2 mm, one 3 mm) copper beads per earring.  I still have no idea what these "Ls" were meant for, but their delicate lavender and green colors made them perfect for these earrings.  I seriously doubt you will ever encounter another pair like them, but if you do, please ask the owner where the "L's came from and let me know!

Hand made and donated by the artist.