Jade and Fluorite, 15"-16"

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This well-made piece was donated by a friend who bought it from the artist.  It is constructed of structured rectangles of (faceted) fluorite and slightly smaller rectangles of jade, with heavy gauge sterling silver clasp and rings.  Here's what to notice for the workmanship (or workwomanship) with this piece.  First, jade is a very hard, dense stone, and fluorite is a delicate stone, so the artist has added sufficient bead spacers between the two types that the jade can't "beat up" on the fluorite.  Second, an extra infinity loop has been attached so that it is not necessary to "bang" any stone or bead against the clasp to close it.  Third, the two strands have been precisely measured so that they hang independently without bunching up., again with care to match fluorite to fluorite and jade to jade.  Finally, the stones were cut specifically for this type of project rather than being beads made from scraps left over from other projects.   Not only is this necklace beautiful to look at, there is likewise beauty in its construction.

Hand-made, donated by the original purchaser.