Green Moss Agates, 2.25" (agate, Swarovski pearls)

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The marquise-cut green moss agates are some of the finest I've seen in many years of lapidary work.  The moss is deep and ample, the interspersed areas lack cloudiness, and are nearly transparent--truly fine semi-precious gemstones.  Each gem is attached to a pattern of four Swarovski iridescent pearls, which echo the golds and greens found in the gems.  Finally, they are held by gold-filled ear wires complete with a 2 mm gold-filled cylinder.  **Gold-filled items contain approximately 100 times more gold than "gold plated;" the gold will not "wear off" with normal use during your life time.  I've added the flash photo since although it creates shadows, it allows a better view of the depth and "cleanness" of the gems.

Hand made and donated by the maker.