Merry-Go-Round (sterling silver and swarovski crystals)

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Merry-Go-Round 2 1/4" from bottom of ear wires

The colors, the fun, the dance of the old-fashioned Merry-Go-Round, and if you are lucky, you may catch the prize in the middle!  Four different colors of Swarovski crystals dance round the Swarovski heart in the center—all wires sterling silver. 

This beautiful jewelry is 100 % donated by the artists and what you pay ALL goes to help animals in Animal Aid Unlimited.

Each piece is hand-made, unique and one-of-a-kind. 

Mailing: The jewelry is posted to you by a volunteer in the USA. Most of the jewelry is made in India but the post can be unreliable from India so we first hand-carry the pieces to the states and mail from there. Orders within the USA are trackable but outside the USA they are sent as regular post because trackable post is often more expensive than the items themselves. Please allow several weeks for delivery.

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