Mixed metal "comfort" bracelet, 7.5" or less

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Certain days I believe we take too much to heart, take ourselves or perhaps our struggles too seriously.  There's often no time for a nature walk to clear one's head, so I created a very normal, stylish, yet unique bracelet to bring us back home on those days.  Constructed of multiple rings of silver-tone, antique bronze, and sterling, the bracelet works with any outfit.  But--here's the important part--I then added teddy bear charms.  Brass teddy bears, to be precise, attached with antique copper wires.  Each teddy bear is less than a quarter of an inch long, so no one needs to know they are there but you, and you can secretly enjoy their levity.  So if you have days when a tiny bit of cheer, of innocence, and just a touch of fun will help you through, this one's for you!  The bracelet measures 7.5 inches long, but the clasp can be attached anywhere to the rings.  Light weight, comfortable, and worth its weight in smiles!

Hand made and donated by the artist.