Parkfield Jasper India Style 3”+17”

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Parkfield Jasper India Style 3”+17”

Surrounded by towering oak trees and positioned along the San Andreas Fault, sits the tiny town of Parkfield, CA.  Among its treasures and beautiful forms of ancient jaspers formed along a now-dry creek bed centuries ago.  This natural history of the West joins with the style of the East in this lovely necklace in rich earth tones.

This beautiful jewelry is 100 % donated by the artists and what you pay ALL goes to help animals in Animal Aid Unlimited.

Each piece is hand-made, unique and one-of-a-kind. Most of the beads are glass or donated semi-precious stones. Some of the materials are "composites" meaning real lapis was reconstituted. The clasps are often NOT made of stainless steel so be careful submerging them in water because the clasp's finish can come off. Most of the pieces have been strung on pliable long-lasting wire and hang beautifully. The sizings are accurate so measure your wrist or neck size before you order just to be sure.

Mailing: The jewelry is posted to you by a volunteer in the USA. Most of the jewelry is made in India but the post can be unreliable from India so we first hand-carry the pieces to the states and mail from there. Orders within the USA are trackable but outside the USA they are sent as regular post because trackable post is often more expensive than the items themselves. Please allow several weeks for delivery.

We'd love to know how you like your pieces. Please email and say "Jewelry Review" in the subject line.