Queen of the Night ( 2 1/2") Argentium (better than sterling) silver

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Add a touch of flair to your outfit with these exquisite tributes to our feline friends!  Black enameled European laser-cut Queens are encased in approximately one foot of formed-diamond argentium silver wire, attached to a 16 gauge fused argentium silver ring.  Kitties are attached  to the ring with argentium silver wire and several links of black metal chain, then topped off with sterling silver ear wires.  The wires have been hammered for texture and antiqued for character.  These earrings are *very* light weight.

**925 silver (sterling) is composed of 92.5% silver, the remainder is copper for extra strength.  Unfortunately, as all of us who love silver know, it tarnishes.  A lot.  With argentium silver, 93.5 percent is silver, and much of the copper has been replaced with germanium, making the wire stronger and much less prone to tarnishing.  More strength, more silver, less tarnish--a win/win!

Hand made and donated by the artist.