Solemn Tribute, 2 1/4" (sterling silver chain and silicone cord)

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Not an artifact, this arrowhead was hand-knapped by a talented artist from obsidian, the natural glass created by volcanic lava.  Lacking the flint in other regions of the country, the Native Americans of the west often used obsidian for spears, arrowheads and knives.  The arrowhead has been wrapped in 24 gauge sterling silver which holds two jade beads and one Sleeping Beauty turquoise bead, representing earth and water.  From the top of the bail to the bottom of the arrowhead measures 2 1/4".  Includes both a 16" sterling silver 1 mm snake chain, and an 18" 2 mm silicone self-locking cord.  

Hand made and donated by the artist and her friend (the knapper).