The Perfection of Mother Earth (unisex pendant)

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Please note:  what appears to be whiter areas (with the exception of the very middle) are reflections caused by the incredible polish on this stone, despite the day being overcast.  The final photo is in a light box, and the color is accurate--but the stone still reflected the copper chain a bit on the right. 

Carnelian, that lovely yellow/orange/red/brown form of semi-precious stone that occurs when iron oxide meets chalcedony, not dyed, heat treated or otherwise altered (other than cutting and polishing) by people seeking to make it "better."  Nor does it need to be, as this slice demonstrates the perfection of Mother Earth as she arranges her lovely elements.  The slab measures 2 1/2" long by 1 1/4th" at its widest point. With subtle banding, its edges are the darkest of brown, gradually lightening (in bands) to the almost white center. Held on a chain of copper, one side displays small antiqued copper prongs designed to hold the stone without obscuring its design; the other side displays the 18 gauge copper configuration creating the prongs.  Wear it either way, or better yet, wear it both ways.  (there is no hole in the center, although it appears that way in the photo, this is simply the reflection of the highly-polished stone).  The chain measures 16", and can be adjusted to make it shorter, if desired.

Hand made and donated by the artist.