Ingenious 9.5" X 10.5"

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The ultimate marriage of bag and clutch, this piece is designed with both beauty and practicality in mind.  Unlike most bags, this one is 9.5" at the top, gradually widening to 10.5" at the bottom.  Those items that always migrate to the bottom (hairbrush, tools, wallets, etc.) have ample landing room without wasting room for upper items that are not as long.  Add to this the lovely caramel, external pen holders, and three deep sewn in pockets inside, and this bag's utility almost surpasses its beauty.  This bag is constructed with the same "wipe clean" upholstery fabric, excellent styling, and superior hardware as the others in our collection.  Please enlarge the last photo for a close up of the four types of fabric lining the interior, as well as a view of the pockets.

My only regret selling these is that you can't truly see the quality of these bags, although it will be evident to you when you hold one in your hands.  A unique gift, for someone you care about, including yourself!

Hand-made and donated by the artist.