Geometry, 10.25" X 7.25"

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Alot more fun and fashionable that geometry, this bag brings to mind the precision of that math.  Bearing in mind that this bag is hand-made (as are all in this collection), I am amazed the the inlay of multiple textures, patterns and colors displayed, both front and back.  Add the interior lining of patterned upholstery fabric and the recognition that this bag is sturdy enough for the camping trip and fashionable enough for a formal dinner, makes this a winner! This bag is constructed with the same "wipe clean" upholstery fabric, excellent styling, and superior hardware as the others in our collection.

My only regret selling these is that you can't truly see the quality of these bags, although it will be evident to you when you hold one in your hands.  A unique gift, for someone you care about, including yourself!

Hand-made and donated by the artist.