Sophisticate, 6" X 6.5"

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I wouldn't hesitate to give this to a discerning man or woman.  Its beauty comes from its classic lines and impeccable construction--and the perfect sizing for extra protection for essentials. In a remarkable feat of "engineering," there are inside pockets, an outside pocket, and ample space around them for structured storage. sturdy enough to tuck in a pocket while on the go. No drama to this bag, just cool, calm class.  As with all of these bags, near perfect heavy-duty stitching and hardware.   Please scroll through the photos:  at the bottom of the three featured is a small, light arrow.  Click on this to view the remainder.

My only regret selling these is that you can't truly see the quality of these bags, although it will be evident to you when you hold one in your hands.  A unique gift, for someone you care about, including yourself!

Hand-made and donated by the artist.